Fifa is giving football a new look, as from next season it will ne like this… you cant believe…

Football history made as
player is Given the first-ever
green card

Football witnessed a revolutionary moment as
referee Marco Mainardi decided Galano deserved the
honour of making history by giving him a green card.
At the beginning of the season, Italy’s serie B
announced the scheme to reward players who show
fair play with a green card.
Serie B later announced that the player who is given
the most green cards will get a reward at the end of
the season.
During the serie B match, Vicenza were awarded a
corner, but forward Galano admitted that no Virtus
Entella defender had touched the ball.
While the referees haven’t actually been given physical
green cards, all recipients will be documented with the
player who gets the most rewarded at the end of the
But Serie B president Andrea Abodi said players will
only receive the card if they perform an ‘extraordinary


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