Funny things in kenyan universities.It can ruin your life completely…

Comrades power  almost to the grave 

Kenyan universities had great future and hope some times back in the late 1990s up to early 2000 where you  will  get many leaders  starting  to explore this political  arena as early  as in campus.

This made sure that we  have some few  individuals who aspire  to lead  kenya in future  pass through  campus politics  which gave a distinction  between  a leader  and a joker as wel as betrayers.

To mention  a few, leaders like Tom mboya, His excellence  the retired president  Mwai kubaki,His excellence  Raila odinga and His excellence Arap samoe Ruto  started being leaders  while in University

That  time the comrade power was real in the fact that  student leaders  had an opportunity  to express  their displeasure  with the administration  involved.

If you speak about  that in our today universities  you risk of being sent home  indefinitely  before you finish  your critic against  your university administration.

Thay makes me  and many fellows out there to draw a great distinction   between  the 1990s University  and the current  University.

Nowadays  many  say current  University is like an improved  high school where  you pass  through high school rules that have only  bein improvised through  unscrupulous means to fit to University  curriculum.

People  delegeted duties  to serve comrades efficiently and with  care  end up misusing and dumping  comrades to unnecessary  conditions.One University  student mentioned  this, “being a university  material is not by chance it is by merit”, i saw this being  a good  argument  that should be a  lime light  to University  VCs.

No wonder  nowadays  we have corrupt leaders  emerging from the current  University curriculum. This is because  this person was  not left to freely  express  his concerns  and in turn be corrected through  wise diplomatic means.


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