Your dress your  choice  but your  great problem and downfall! Dressing rules for a curvy body
A woman with curvy body 
By Dalmas
Embracing your curves involves dressing them right.
And we appreciate that this isn’t as easy as it sounds
so, let us brainstorm on how best to achieve the best look for a curvy body.
Here are a few important rules you should follow
to style a curvy body right:
1. Prints and patterns work perfectly
When in doubt, wear prints or patterns. Since they
draw attention to your body, keep big prints on
parts of your body you want to emphasize. Keep
solid colours and small prints over areas you want
to draw attention away from.
2. Fitting into a dress that’s a size smaller doesn’t
Did you know that tight clothes actually make you
look bigger than you actually are? Loose fitting
clothing makes you look thinner, and we can all
agree that they are the comfortable option. Wear
only clothes that fits, and don’t be afraid to
experiment with proportions.
3. Don’t show too much skin
While your friends who aren’t curvy enjoy
dressing up in micro mini outfits, that’s not an
option for the curvy woman, at least the stylish
Trying to showoff skin ends up bad, and disturbing
to look at. There’s always a smart way to show off
skin, for example with a short flowy dress. Midi
dresses are the other option, when you have nice
legs to go.
4. Accentuate your waist
Show off your tiny waist. This can be done by
cinching your outfit, or adding a belt to make your
look more polished. A belt is every curvy girl’s
best accessory.
Five more guidelines
Here are five more things to remember when you
choose what to wear on a curvy body;
1. Confidence is key
Love your curves, and be ready to show them off.
In this ‘size zero obsessed’ world of fashion, it’s
not very easy for curvy women to stand out with
confidence. Either clothes don’t fit, or they aren’t
fashionable. You should overlook all that, because
knowing what you can wear is as easy is going out
there and equipping yourself with knowledge.
Then wear your clothes with confidence.
2. Shape wear always does help
Before you wear anything body hugging, consider
wearing shape wear such as spanx underneath.
This helps hold everything in place, and also your
outfit will look tidy.
3. Leave your bust alone
Many curvy girls think that the bust is the only
area where magic comes from but that’s not true.
There’s a lot to work with. For example high heels
make you slimmer and a lot taller. You can work
with your hair and accessories too.
4. Try having a tailor
Cut and fit is important. A good structured item
will always go a long way, considering you know
what you want. Having a tailor can be your best
friend because tailored clothes allow you the
opportunity to have only the best fit.
5. Stick to fabric that stretches
Stretchy fabric such as leather is very flattering.
Your curves will be accentuated with so much
ease. Anything that tries to suck them up makes
you a little bigger than you are. That is a fact.


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