– If you have a loose genitalia and are unable to
hold your man’s member during sex, hence, you
cannot satisfy him, this doctor has a solution for
– His name is Dr Francis Were, a certified
cosmetic gynaecologist performing vaginal
rejuvenation on women who feel their vaginas have
changed especially after giving birth.
Dr Were explains that women confide in him
saying that they have failed to satisfy their men
owing to the changes in their vagina.

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orgasm feels like

The problem of loose vaginas is so serious among
some women that they make noisy pop sounds
during sex, with some producing the same sound
while walking or when they sit on a chair.
Dr Were rekindles the bedroom fire by performing
corrective surgery and assures that the procedure
has a 90 success.
In a case of low libido, he only injects a special
preparation of plasma on various sensitive parts of
the genitalia which then regain sensitivity and
woman is able to enjoy sex again.

Closeup of sad young woman in living room with man
“It changes the relationship and they now feel born
again because everything has changed,” he says.
According to the gynecologist who is also a lecturer
at Kenyatta University, the looseness of the vagina is
often caused by aging, drastic weight loss or
gaining of weight.
Dr Were practises his medicine at Merit Medical
Services clinic in Tumaini House 3rd Floor along
Moi Avenue.
He charges between Sh80,000 and 150,000.


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