You are carrying your own death by owning Samsung Note 7!

BREAKING NEWS: Samsung axes Galaxy
Note 7: Firm confirms it has stopped
making the faulty smartphone that
bursts into flames after halting sales and
warning users to switch them off
By dalmas and Associated Press

Samsung has permanently discontinued the Galaxy
Note 7
News comes after it halted sales and replacements
of the smartphone
Samsung Electronics earlier suspended production
of its Galaxy Note 7
In September there was a global recall of 2.5
million Note 7 phones
Network operators already said they won’t offer
replacement Note 7s
Chinese man said replacement phone set fire while
charging, last month
Last week smoke billowed from a replacement
phone aboard a U.S. flight
* Has your Note 7 set fire? Email: *
Samsung has axed its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone,
stopping production of the faulty device a day after it
halted global sales of the product.
The South Korean company said in a regulatory filing
Tuesday that it has made a final decision to stop
production for the sake of consumer safety.
‘Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we
have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy
Note 7,’ the company said.
A spokesperson for Samsung confirmed to MailOnline
that the smartphone has been ‘permanently
Samsung was struggling to regain consumer trust after a
first round of recalls. The company stopped selling the
device after finding that even the supposedly safer
replacements it was providing for recalled Note 7 phones
were catching fire.
The company says consumers with original Note 7
devices or replacements they obtained after the recall
should turn off the power and seek a refund or exchange
them for different phones.
The Korean technology giant’s share price tumbled 7 per
cent in trading in Seoul on Tuesday, wiping billions of
dollars off its value.
Scroll down for video
Samsung has axed the Galaxy Note 7, stopping
production of the smartphone, pictured
Customers have shared photographs of their burned
handsets since reports of the product setting fire first
began in August



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