You are a campus guy or a teenager? This is how to earn atleas ksh1100($9.6)per day. Just simple, start like this…

This are the Businesses  you can start in
Kenya with little or small
capital (Ksh 1000-Ksh
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Lucrative small business can be started
with little capital in Kenya.Operating a
business in
or any town in Kenya is extremely easy if
you know the best business to start with
small capital ,but with high profits.Some
of the businesses require business
proposal,especially those requiring
tenders but most of the small businesses
require knowledge and strategy.Some of
the business listed in this article require
no capital to start.
Business is all about managerial skills
and how best you treat customers.It
does’t matter whether you have a
business proposal or not.It doesn’t matter
whether you obtain your capital through
bank loan or saving;it doesn’t matter
whether you started with Sh 1,000 as long
as you know how to treat customers and
have clear strategy.
We have conducted research to determine
which business require small capital in
Kenya,the following are detailed examples
of such businesses.
Selling second hand/Mitumba clothing
This is the kind of business that many
Kenyans don’t bother to venture in , but
it’s lucrative. In Kenya, Mitumba business
does not require a lot of capital as
compared to other businesses.If you have
Ksh 1,000, you can comfortably start
selling second hand clothes
(mitumba).The amount can be higher if
someone intends to sell in bulky.
It’s cheap because you don’t require a
license to start; what you need is to
identify a suitable location to operate
your business,the supplier, then pay the
city council for operating a business in
their jurisdiction.
If you are jobless,even if you are a degree
holder,this is the business you can try in
the meantime as you wait for a suitable
For those operating from Nairobi,you can
get the suppliers from Gikomba market or
Eastleigh.These are the most famous
places for the products.
Profits for Mitumba business can feed
you as well as remain for other projects.I
have interacted with friends who operate
Mitumba business in
Nairobi,Kisumu,Kisii,Nakuru and
Mombasa.Several of them confessed
that profits never disappoint.In fact not
even one make less than Sh 500 per day
We have seen several success stories
from hawkers.Many people start this
business due to desperation but they end
up making it in life.What you need is to
identify a product whose demand is
high in your location,then identify a
supplier.Some of the best products you
can hawk include umbrellas,traditional
medicine,water,Mitumba clothes,biscuits
and toothbrush.
Hawking is the type of business you can
start with as little as Sh 500 but make
huge profits without your neighbor
noticing.Running this business is also
very easy since it doesn’t require hidden
A hawker in Nairobi makes as high as Ksh
2,000 per day but the business depends
on the weather and where you are
operating from.
Especially during rainy season,hawking
umbrellas in Nairobi and Mombasa is
ideal.You can make a kill during this
Some shoe shiners are now landlords as
the PhD holders struggle to make ends
meet.Starting this business is not hard
since it only require a license from the
City council,a seat, brush and shoe
polish.The capital required for this
business is less than Sh.5000 if you are
outside Nairobi and Ksh 20,000-Ksh
50,000 if you are within Nairobi.
Being a shoe shiner in areas like Nairobi
is a blessing since you can make as high
as Sh.10,000 per day.
Shoe shiners who operate near Kenya
Cinema,westlands,upper hill,Bus
Station,Koinange street,Mombasa CBD
and Kisumu are extremely rich,but you
won’t tell.
Operating a Salon/Berber Shop
This business is underrated but
handsome rewards.In Nairobi ,for instance
,there are salons which charge up to Sh
50,000 per head but the normal charges
are Sh 600 per head.You only require
skills,strategic location and consistence.
You can start the business by visiting
clients in their homes and then later look
for a physical location where clients can
easily trace you.
The capital required to start a salon in
Nairobi depends on location and the size
of your business.Rent for a standard
single room in Nairobi,outside city centre,
goes for Ksh 8,000-Ksh 15,000 per
month.You are also required to buy
equipment to run the salon,which will cost
you approximately Ksh 100,000
A Berber shop on the other hand is very
easy to start and require a capital of less
than Ksh 30,000.Depending on the
location, a Berber shop can fetch up to
Ksh 2000 per day.
I once operated a Berber shop,but outside
Nairobi,and I was comfortably getting a
net profit of Ksh 15,000 per month.
Owning a Boda Boda
The business has become very popular in
Kenya since Uhuru Waived taxes charged
on importing Motorcycles,this created
opportunities for thousands of jobless
youths, consequently reducing crime rates
in Kenya.To operate this business, you
need a capital of less than Ksh 100,000.
A single motorcycle costs between Ksh
40,000-Ksh120,000.This is what you
need,primarily,to start this type of
venture.And since the business is
booming,regardless of the county you
operate from,not a single day will pass
without realizing a net profit of at least
Ksh 1,000 per day.
Owning M-PESA
Mobile money transfer is here to stay and
this process is only possible if M-PESA
services are available.It started with
countable people in each village ,but
today we have over 100,000 M-PESA
shops in Kenya.
If you intend to start this business, don’t
be discouraged because even if you are
operating in a crowded environment ,you’ll
still make profits.Opening M-PESA shop
requires at least Sh.100,000, but if
someone gives you their line,then Ksh
50,000 is enough to start the business.
Poultry farming
Who doesn’t like chicken?
If you have a small farm, then think of
starting this business because you will
reap big.You can start with 10 chickens
and improve with time.
Starting chicken rearing business require
a capital of as low as Sh.20,000;what will
cost you some money,especially if you are
keeping broilers,is the amount required for
drugs and chicken meals.
The traditional chickens are easy to rear
but they take more than 6 months to
mature,but the broilers only take 5 weeks
to mature.
If you spend a total of Ksh 50,000 on
Chicken,you can make a profit of between
Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 40,000.This is after
five weeks.The profit increase as you
increase the number of chicken you rear.
Farming is one of the best and easiest
way of becoming rich in Kenya.If you
have a small farm, identify the products
that the market require, plant them in the
right season.The farm products which
fetch a lot of profit include
millet,cabbages,water melon and carrots.
Starting farming business can require
capital of as low as Sh.10,000 and as
high as Ksh 500,000 if you will be
practicing large scale farming.If for
instance you have a University Degree and
you are jobless,business can be the best
alternative and farming is the best to
start with.
Best areas to do farming include Rift
Valley,Kisii,Kajiado,Kitale,Kiambu and
parts of western Kenya.
The best products to farm include water
melon,cabbages,beans,carrots and
Operating a small restaurant
Owning a big restaurant is not an easy
thing especially if you live in Nairobi,but if
you have a small capital,say, Ksh 50,000-
Ksh 100,000, you can start a small
restaurant and grow with time.
Owning a restaurant is a very profitable
business ,but you need to have to keenly
monitor your employees or you employ a
good supervisor.
Nowadays most people prefer fast food
restaurants because they generate more
profits than other general hotels. If you
live in Nairobi or Mombasa, please think
of starting a fast food restaurant.
A busy fast food joint within Nairobi can
generate profits in the tune of Ksh 10,000
per day,or even more.
Start Printing and Photocopying Business
This is another good business which you
can start near a school or college,or in a
crowded environment like Nairobi.
Starting the business will require you to
have Ksh 30,000-Ksh 200,000 as capital.
Selling boiled eggs and Sausages
If you are a small entrepreneur or you
have very small capital which will not be
enough to start a big business,this is
where you can start.
To start sausage,samosa and
eggs business you need a capital of
between Ksh 2,000-Ksh 10,000.
What is surprising is that it’s very
profitable;you can buy a single egg at Ksh
10 and sell it at Ksh 20,thus making Ksh
10 per egg.
Manicure/Pedicure business
Every woman wants to be beautiful,as a
result they seek services like manicure
and pedicure to look more appealing to
the crowd.
You only need basic skills and a capital of
less than Ksh 5000 if you don’t have to
rent a house.
Owning a Car Wash
As people continue buying more cars
,there is need to have a car wash to
make them clean.Since most people don’t
have time to clean their cars, you can
grab this opportunity to have a car wash
so that you can be a solution to their
Car wash business remains one of the
most profitable businesses in Kenya but
most people are not aware.
In order to begin a car wash, you need
source of water and a license from the
town council.It’s not so costly but the
profits are very high.
Starting this business may require a
capital of between Ksh 1,000-Ksh
50,000,depending on location.
Selling Breakfast and Lunch in Offices
Most professionals who work in major
towns are not fond of traveling long
distances in search of food,if someone is
around to get them food then you become
the solution.In order to start this business
you need to talk to senior managers in the
offices and if they give you an okay then
you will start supplying them with food.
The goodness with this business is that
you don’t need a huge capital to
start.Another advantage is that you can
supply food to as many offices as
possible thus ensuring that you don’t
make fixed profits.
This is one of the easiest business to
start and it requires a capital of between
Ksh 1,000-Ksh 10,000
Starting Day Care Business
Day care school most involve taking care
of kids who are less than ,say, 5
years.They are becoming very common in
towns but the business is not fully
We are living in an era where more women
are joining the corporate world and no one
is interesting in becoming a house
wife.Since most people nowadays don’t
trust house girls they prefer taking their
kids to a day care.
The importance of a day care is that the
kid can grow faster because they interact
with other kids,also the owner of the day
care is answerable whenever something
happens to your kid.Finally,it’s cheap to
take your kid to a day care other than
employing a maid.
Due to those facts listed above,there is a
high demand for day care services,so if
you have an idle room you can easily
convert it to a day care business and you
are good to go.
The capital required for this business vary
depending on location but you require
average of Ksh 50,000 to start the
Selling milk
Milk in Kenya is getting scarce each day
and the one who starts this business will
gain the most.Simply identify someone
who can supply you milk then you are
good to go.
You only require a fridge to store the milk
and a clean room so that you can get
customer confidence.
The business does better in towns like
Kisumu,Mombasa,Nakuru and Nairobi.
To start Milk business you require a
capital of Ksh 30,000-Ksh 70,000.
Please before you start the business
ensure that you clear with the ministry of
health and also make your place of
business clean.
Starting a general cleaning business
Most people are very busy in town,they
don’t have even time to clean their rooms
and utensils.If you are in Nairobi ,you can
start a company where you employ honest
people to do general cleaning in people’s
houses.It’s a very good business and very
few people have this idea,unless you have
read it here.
To start a company requires at most Ksh
5,000 but you can make good money with
absolutely no sweat.
Selling Ice-cream+snacks
Ice-cream business is a lucrative venture
in major towns in Kenya, especially during
dry periods.Most people who engage in
this business don’t want to reveal the
secrets to others because they fear
If you have a fridge,you can comfortably
start the business without any sweat,but
ensure the business is close to the main
To start Ice-Cream Business, you require
a capital of between Ksh 20,000-Ksh
Soem of the best places to start ice
cream business include near schools and
colleges,in Shopping Malls and
Supermarkets,besides busy roads,near
offices and near hospitals.
Professional photographers are happy
people,they travel a lot and enjoy more
than an ordinary person.
The business requires just a camera or
a smart phone.
Some of the areas where your services are
required include
ceremonies,church services and birthday
With only Ksh 10,000 you can purchase a
camera and start the business o the go.
Printing T-shirts
This is a perfect business for social
functions and colleges.You can obtain a
machine to do the business in you
location.Imagine buying a single t-shirt at
Ksh 150 and after printing it you sell at
Ksh 700!
A sewing machine costs less than Ksh
20,000,so it means starting the business
require at most Ksh 30,000.
Selling cereals
Cereals are in high demand in towns like
Nairobi,Mandera,Lodwar,Mombasa and
Kisumu.This is a wonderful opportunity
for you if you reside in these towns.
You can start the business with a single
sack of beans,maize and finger millet.A
small business require a capital of less
than Ksh 30,000 but if you manage to
trade in large scale you need more than
Sh 200,000
Selling cereals is extremely profitable in
Kenya,especially if you know where to find
the products cheaply.
Owning a grocery is among the few
business which is profitable in every town
in the country.This entails selling
vegetables and fruits.With just Ksh
10,000 you have your own grocery,but
you must be prepared to have at least Sh
50,000 to have a meaningful grocery in
Mombasa and Nairobi.
Two year ago,a woman who owns 4
butcheries in Nairobi bought an apartment
in Eastleigh worth Sh 80 million:everyone
was surprised.That’s when I realized the
business is good.
Electronics shop
Though starting a big electronics shop
may require at least Ksh 1 million,if you
have Sh 100,000 you can start one in
village towns.
Selling Mandazi and Chapati
Every morning,you have seen people
selling mandazi besides the road.Start
today and see how you can make money.
Selling movies,DVDs and CDs
Never wait to be told that in this
generation of Whatsapp,Facebook and
Twitter,this business is very profitable in
major towns.
Cake making business
Cake making business is the best
business to start in town.Unlike some
time back where people relied on
bread,nowadays several people love
buying cakes for celebrations and
Cake making business brings at least Ksh
3,000 per day.The profit can be as high as
Ksh 20,000 per day.
The best towns to start this business
include Nairobi,Kisumu,Thika,Nakuru and
A garage in Nairobi is a lucrative
business,that can make you a millionaire
within a short time.The business only
require space and at least Ksh 200,000
for capital.
Buying and selling plots
Nobody should cheat you that you need
millions to start this business.There are
places in Kenya where you can buy land
with as little as Ksh 20,000.Such areas
include Bomet,North Eastern,Transmara
and many parts of Rift Valley.
Since land does not depreciate,you can
start buying small parcels of land,keep
them and sell after some months.
Online shop
Starting online shop like Jumia,Killmall
and Kaymu requires even less than
Ksh30,000.What you need is purchase a
nice template for your website,then
identify the supplier of your product,send
a proposal to the supplier,look for clients
from social media and you are good to
go.One secret,which I know you don’t
know is that you don’t need capital to sell
electronic products.Once the supplier
develops confidence in you,he can supply
you for free and pay after selling the
Blogging pay.For your information,several
bloggers in Kenya earn more than
Ksh200,000 per month,and to make it
more interesting,they are not taxed.
Putting graffiti on matatus
If you are gifted in graphic design,this is
one business you must venture in.Toput
graffiti on a single matatu in Nairobi is
Ksh 70,000.
Real estate agency
You don’t need capital to start this
business.It requires an individual who can
sweet talk owners of apartments and
plots where you are given responsibility to
manage them.Real estate agency is a
very nice business.
tomatoes,carrots,watermelon,sugar cane
and cabbages
If you have a plot of more than half an
acre,please venture into this business-it
Importing second hand cars
Importing a single second hand car from
Japan through SBT Japan can cost you
Ksh 500,000 but you can sell it at Ksh
900,000,making almost Ksh 500,000.If
you have Ksh 1 million,then you can start
the business.
Tent making
Tent making is another emerging
business where you make tents and let
them for occasions.Alternatively,you can
buy tents and let them to people who
have events.I


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