Juma a form 3 did this to his madaam teacher,,, this is crazy!

Nipe chance nikushow vile na
feel- Teacher in shock as student
writes her love letter
This is what an orgasim is, have u ever had it?
Mwalimu Socrates shares a love letter what
was written by Tony (a student at
Xasa Donna, Pliz mode nipe chance
nikushow vile na feel. Nimekunoki yangu
yote ndio nimeona nikuchoree hii mistari.
Imgn ukihata chuo ata siku moja mi uwa
Heart yangu inabeat na riddim ya heart yako.
Hii chuo yote hakuna demu msupu
kukushinda. Kwanza ukidunga ile dress
yako ya red!! mi uwa siwezi concentrate kwa
daro! God akikumake alikuwa na idhaa mob
ata Beyonce kwako ni shadow.
Wacha ni confess last week vile ulikuwa duty
nili late chuo ndio nibaki detention na wewe.
Pliz!! Nipe tu chance na sitakudissapoint.
Pliz nipatie digit zako ili niwe nikikuvutia
wire. Pliz nishow kabla sijajimada. Bleating
Tony (your suffering Romeo)
Well after reading the above letter, I burst
into laughter. “You find this amusing?” a
disturbed madam Donatta asked me. She
then showed me the writer’s (boy by name
Tony) Geography exercise book which had a
portrait of her under the caption, ‘Nakula
kwa macho tu’. “I should take the boy to
the head teacher,” she said as she rose. But
I managed to restrain her.
“The poor boy is just seeking your
attention,” I told her. After composing
herself, she revealed how Tony had been
paying her a lot of attention; helping carry
her books, cleaning the board and following
her to the staffroom for assistance with
Geography questions.
“So that is why he reported to school late
the week I was on duty?” mused Donatta.
Day scholars who report late are detained by
the teacher on duty in the school hall after
four. Tony has been referred to Magarita,
the Christian Union patron, for prayers and


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