Uhuru Kenyatta in Nyanza for his son’s wedding……

Jomo, Uhuru’s first born
son got married to his longtime girlfriend at a
hushed ceremony rumoured to have been in
– They got engaged in June 2016
Over the weekend, Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son,
Jomo had his traditional wedding- a precursor of a
white wedding rumored to be scheduled for early
in 2017- before the General Election.
Jomo and his wife

A rumour that the DAILYInformer  has not been able to
verify so far has it that th7e Ruracio was held in Luo
Nyanza in what was a secret, hushed sitting
attended by close friends and family.
Critics have it that Uhuru had not informed even
his closest friend, Ruto until Friday evening before
the occasion on Saturday, October 22.
Uhuru who was part of the delegation to the girls
home wore a loose kaftan and black pants while the
rest of the male delegation adorned Kikuyu
traditional garbs complete with woolen hats.
Uhuru and his eldest son Jomo.
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Critics say that the president looked uncomfortable
as his son went against the traditions and married
outside his tribe.
Again, claims that cannot be substantiated by this
publication. It can be remembered how Uhuru
introduced his son’s bride to President Obama
when the latter visited the country last year.
Uhuru Kenyatta at his son’s ruracio
That hardly seems like the gesture from a man who
was uncomfortable with his son’s choices. If
anything, he seemed a little too comfortable, sitting
on the traditinal Njungw’a asthey negotiated the
bride price.
Jomo and his new bride wore traditional Kikuyu
dress in the ceremony as guests cheered them on.


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