Oldest football clubs…is your favorite club in the list?

World’s 10 Oldest
Football Clubs
(Officially Recorded)
There are alot of names to our “beautiful game”
which is unversaly known as football and some
likes to call it with other names like Soccer,
Futob or Fußball but whatever the name you use
the game itself has a long and illustrious history.
Today Manchester United, Real Madrid and
Barcelona are three of the most richest sports
teams in the world but we are not going to talk
about present football or the future, we are going
to take a look at 10 of the oldest professional
football clubs which are officially accepted in
record books. All the first 10 clubs were from
Short History of Football
Football was a quite popular sport in the mid
1800’s and although there were no set of rules so
everybody was playing their own way. So in 1863 a
organization was formed with official set of rules
and it was called “Football Accosiation”. That led
to the road of establishing professional clubs
around england who took football to next level.
Here are ten of the oldest clubs and they are
happen to be from England.
Sheffield Football
Club (1857)
The first recorded
professional football
club was Sheffield
back in 1857 and the
club played a big role
in revolutionizing and
make football a global sport. Shffield Football
Club was formed in england industrial area when
the industry was booming and it gave the chance
for factory workers to play some form of sport on
the weekend.
Sheffield FC were the founding memebers of first
football governing body in 1863 when Football
Association was established.
Hallam Football
Club (1860)
Hallam was
established in the
same industrial city
of england “Sheffield”
just 3 years after
Sheffield FC register
So the great rivalry was born and Hallam won their
first professional silverware when the won
the Youdan Cup. which is believed to be the first
ever organized tournament of football.
Wanderers (1860)
the first club to be
register in south of
(around London) was
Cray Wanderers. The
club was formed by
the workers of local
railway of kent. So
Cray Wanderers played a major role in developing
football in southern England but they never
became a top level club after a decent start in the
20th century.
Currently they are playing their football in 7th tie
of English football league system and barely
maintain their semi-pro status.
F.C Wanderers
Club wants us to
beleive that they were
formed in 1859 but
FA dont accept their
claim as the oldest
documents states
they FC Wanderers
were establish in 1860
in south of England in
Battersea and became
the first club to win the FA Cup. They also
dominated English football specially FA Cup by
winning it further three times in 70’s (1873, 76, 77
& 78).
In the early days only the players who were ex
students of prestigious Harrow school were able
to play for the club but later on it evolved
represented their region.
Worksop Town
Football Club (1861)
Woksop Town FC
was formed in
Nottinghamsire back
in 1861 and played a
major role on
developing the game
in norther areas.
But just like Hallam
FC they never got themselves to next level and
always been languishing in the non-league football
and currently playing their trade in the 6th tie of
english football.
Notts County Football
Club (1862)
Notts County FC has
the honor of being the
first professional
football club in
England and they
played a huge role in
advancment of the
game late 19th
century. They were
one of the 12 founding memebers of Football
League system in 1888 and their biggest
achievements has been beating Bolton Wanderers
in the FA Cup final in 1894.
They are one of the few oldest football clubs to be
still playing professional league in England and in
recent years they have gone through quite a few
Stoke City F.C (1860)
Most of your will
know Stoke City who
are currently playing
in Premier League
and keeping the
english football
tradition in good
shape. Stoke City
were founded 1863
and they alonside
Notts County were part of 12 founding members
of League System in England. Stoke City had their
hay days in 1920’s and 30s but club struggled in
lower leagues post world war era but in the last
decade club has turned things around and made it
to the english top flight.
Brigg Town FC
Briggs Town FC was
formed in 1864 but
like most of the clubs
in the list they never
really made it to the
top in english league
Currently they are playing in 8th tie of of english
football and it will take 7 consecutive promotions
for them to get into top flight which looking at he
stat of english football is a long long shot.
Nottingham Forest
Nottingham Forest
Football Club was
formed in 1864 and
they are one of the
most successful
clubs from the above
list. Nottingham
Forest enjoyed
success in patches of
clubs history, won
their first FA Cup in 1898 beating local rivals Derby
County in the final but after some dizzy spells in
lower leagues they made it to the top flight in
1950’s winning another FA Cup and the Division 1
title which was followed another 20 years out of
top flight and a return in mid 70’s under legendary
manager Brian Clough who led the club to two
European Titles and 1 league title alongside
another FA Cup and 4 league cups.
Sheffield Wednesday
Shffield Wednesday
was established back
in 1867 and intially
were not part of the
football league
system but the
eventualy joined in
1892 and became one
of the most
successful clubs in early history of Professional
English Football. They have won 4 division 1 titles,
3 FA Cups and couple of league cups but the
biggest achievments was them spending around
66 years in top flight football out of the 110 odds
years of english league system.


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