Uk(United Kingdom) to be restructured!

A petition has been started to throw
Scotland out of the UK
By dalmas for the DAILY Informer
2016 has felt at times like a political car crash on
repeat, and it’s highly likely that last thing on Theresa
May’s mind is a bit of referendum tit-for-tat.
But, seemingly in a bid to turn the tables, a petition has
been started to call for a debate and then referendum
on whether Scotland should remain part of the UK.
MUST READ :This is the main reason why William Ruto will never be a PRESIDENT in Kenya              The petition argues that there
hasn’t been enough discussion
about Scotland’s benefit to the
Union, the economic advantages
it would bring or the
‘ramifications’ of Scotland
remaining in the Union.
It’s been signed by more than
5,000 people and has been backed by the hashtag
#ThrowScotlandOut – which is trending on Twitter.
But while some are clearly taking the whole thing very
seriously indeed, others, well, aren’t.


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