Game plan 2017, Lisemwalo lipo, kama halipo laja(something rumoured around might happen or on its course to occur )

Why DP Ruto may be Deputy
President for 20 years

Jubilee Party was allegedly created with the sole purpose
of uniting Kenyans on the principles of democracy.
This is the chorus all over the country by Deputy
President William Ruto. Many Kenyans advocate for
nationalism and this is one chorus that could probably
resonate with a majority.
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But, was the merging of parties to form Jubilee party
genuine on this principle or was it a way for the alleged
Mt Kenya mafia to rule Kenya forever? Only time will tell.
The entrance of Peter Kenneth in Jubilee politics is
sending a shockwave regarding the future of Rutos’
presidency in 2022.
Kenneth might be applying Uhuru’s political strategy
where Uhuru decided to shelf his presidential ambitions
and supported Mwai Kibaki for a second term in 2007
elections. This put him at a vantage point to position
himself for 2013.
The strategy was a way of allowing support for one
Kikuyu candidate instead of more which could result in a
divided vote.
This worked well for Kibaki and later for Uhuru. If this is
the way to go for Kenneth, then in 2022 he will be the
sole strongest candidate to succeed Uhuru especially in
the vote rich Central Kenya.
DP Ruto will have to face off with Kenneth during that
time in the democratic nomination process to choose the
Jubilee presidential flag bearer.
If history repeats itself, then Kenneth will have an upper
hand in the national support. As a result, Ruto may have
to play the second position if he chooses to remain in
Jubilee Party.
Consecutive election wins for Jubilee till 2032 would then
see Ruto serve for 20 years as Deputy President.
This is if a rumoured agreement for automatic support in
2022 does not go through.


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