Finally revealed! This is the main reason Maghufuli pombe decided to tour kenya.

Since  John Pombe Maghufuli  was elected  as the president of Tanzania has never visited  kenya. This is the first time he is coming  to Kenya whike the president.

It was evident,  as from the  day he was declared a winner  up to when our  president His excellence Uhuru Kenyatta  gave his concrats to him, that their wasn’t  good relationship  between the Jubilee  government and Maghufuli  was not such good.

It took  two weeks  for mr uhuru Kenyatta to congratulate mr Maghufuli for being  elected. This  created a lot of controversy among many people who were keen on the issue. This resulted as it is thought  from the difference in strategy  in fighting  corruption  that  His excellence John Pombe is applying  which renders Jubilees’ irrelevant  rather than useless.

His excellence John Pombe Maghufuli   did portray qualities  of a president whom kenya will take a decade  to get one. Sincerely speaking  the Jubilee  regime  has done nothing sensible  in the fight  of graft in their territory.

Considerably  mr John Maghufuli  took as much measures  to reduce  the burden  borne  by Tanzanian  citizens  in form of  heavy  taxes which  enses to fanatic members of the government. This  had lead Tanzania  to be the poorest country in East Africa.

Maghufuli  from  his determined  view of improving living standards of rhe Tanzanian people, he has  done away with corrupt   leaders  and  reducing  government expenses.

The Tanzanian  president  has been  taking  possible  measures to avoid  any collaboration  with the Kenyan  government because of its corrupt nature. He has achieved  more BUT  thought  kenya leading  in corruption  in East Africa, ALSO kenya is the USA of east Africa.

His  excellence John Pombe Maghufuli saw it wise to retrieve  the relationship  between  Kenya  and Tanzania  so as he can be able through  Kenya as  a ladder  make Tanzania  grow  tremendously  economic wise. Otherwise  he doesn’t  in any way want to associate  with the Jubilee  regime but shows  support  to the opposition leader HIS excellence Prime minister Raila Odinga.


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