Men be warned! This is how they catch you offside…

Women  are finny creatures  God created. Anytime  thet can make a fool out of you  as a man and bt realizing  she is long  gone and enjoying  your sweat  comfortably  somewhere  with  a certain  man.

It happened  i came across  shanty mwende’s post  in Facebook. Mwende is a 21 year  old  girl  who is a first year in Maasai mara University Narok-kenya.She seems to be a professional  trained in these antics  of ‘entering men into boxes’  as they say.

She had a ‘sponsor’  whom she had  falsely  told that she had his new unborn  baby, so the man on that day was visiting  her at home and promised  to come with pregnancy  testing kit to confirm the sentiments.

Now this lady  had seen  an investment opportunity  coming from a distance. Shr decided to look  for somebody pregnant  who can assist donating her urine  for mwende’s  trick  to succeed. By doing  all those she was assured  of being a millionaire  at that early  age. This is the technology  women use nowadays! Now men u know.


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