Following  the trailing  experience  nyachae had from the  Nyacheki ward when he was on track campaigning for mr Maxwell  a Jubilee  candidate  Nyachae has seen it wise to revise his political notes once more.

Mr nyachae,  who is anticipating  to run for the kisii  gubernatorial  seat,   was from the reactions  of Nyacheki  people   sees need  to change  from  Jubilee  either to KANU or bring back Ford people. Otherwise  mr NYACHAE is unknowingly  clearing his way home coming  2017 since Jubilee is neither   accepted  nor something  to debate around  kisii County.

Anybody  who maybe contesting  from Jubilee  Party come 2017  will be having  hard times  to rum against  ODM candidates  considering  that kisii land has turned  to be an ODM stronghold  since HON. SAM KEGENGO ONGERI joined ODM.

If you can remember  Sakaja, Nyachae and other JUBILEE  supporters  were  chase from Nyacheki  showing the discomfort  kisiis have  against  Jubilee.

This is why  Nyachae is on the runs to revive FORD PEOPLE  which on people’s  opinion  wont make him a winner  but a runner  up.


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