Profitable Business idea of the week


Farming has been undermined at the expense of white-collar jobs which have in the recent past seen yo be paying pennies. Nowadays many rich individuals who everyone is talking about did start at one point or are even carrying out farming.

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First example His excellence William ruto is rearing chicken where each single day he realises a net profit of ksh8 million.

Another example is Amb.Sam ongeri  has large plantation of bananas each day earning him a whopping ksh 3 million.

Now the question is why  ate you reluctant in making a move and become one of the successful farmers in Kenya

Currently the coffee farming business in kenya is the most lucrative investment for a starter.Having  70×100 piece of land  you are promised that it can hold maximum of 7000 coffee trees which are estimated that they can yiel around 15000  kilogrammes per 4 months season.


The price of ripe coffee per kg las season eas ksh50 . considering the above kilogrammes you will have earned yourself ksh.750000 .

If you are patient enough and took an initiative of drying the berries then you will be smiling all the way to the bank because 1kg of dry berries go at ksh80 meaning it wil transform into ksh 1200000.

The advantages of coffee are that it is a hard plant mraning it doesn’t require  high skilled care.



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